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Not So Soft by Ojokoku Not So Soft by Ojokoku
This my entry for the Vampire contest over at Seventh Sanctum.

Malachi Le Doux was born/raised/genetically engineered in a lab that was experimenting with different ways to make vampires ineffectual/less dangerous (ex. not be able to get blood, not need to have blood, make them age normally, various unethical things, etc). Malachi ended up with "buck teeth"- extra long normal (blunt ended) teeth where his fangs were supposed to be- making it nigh impossible to get blood the usual, bite-y way. However, ol' Malachi didn't know any better and was content to sip his artificial blood substitute from a box like a good little abomination. He was complete unaware of what excatly he was until he read a particularly B.A. vampire comic book left behind by a lab intern. Upon his discovery he did not cry disco ball tears of emo over being a sin against humanity.

He got mad. Really mad.

Just think of all the time he had wasted sitting around being probed when he could've been running about ripping people's heads off with his bare hands! Just think of all the nasty red Kool-aid he'd been sucking through a freaking straw when he should've been slurping the real thing from real people! So Malachi broke out of the lab and now slaughters people (and has come to accept- as embarrassing as it is- that he still needs the straw).

Speech bubble/title is a riff on the French translation of "Le Doux".
The lab wasn't so terrible: They gave him bunny slippers and a hoodie to wear over the uniform hospital-ish gown if he got cold. (He never did, but at least now he doesn't immediately look like an escapee from an institution or something.)

Art Notes: Weird style is weird. And oh my goodness it's completely traditional! There needs to be a skin colored Sharpie. (Re-inking places because colored pencil dulled it is frustrating as all get out.) Please ignore how awful awkward the victim (or that lump in the right corner) looks.
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Zee63 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Student Interface Designer
yeah, with the hoodie it just looks like he's wearing a skirt. fear the straw. FEAR IT!
Ojokoku Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
That's next on his to-do list: Find some pants. Hospital gown must go.
JeweledAlchemist Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Cool, cool. A silly one, but cute idea Weird style is weird, but that's ok... The victim is Wonderful(!), but is he holding it's wrist or something?
IT's just the arm.

Also, what does "le doux" mean?
Ojokoku Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
He's holding the victim by the wrist(ish) area. (The placement is odd.)

"Le doux" roughly means "the soft" in French.
punksweets Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
that is a really wicked picture
Ojokoku Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
Thanks. :)
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